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Maxi-Bag is big enough for a weekend-trip and it weights only 450g so it's ideal for flights.

Maxi-Bag is big enough for a weekend-trip and it weights only 450g so it's ideal as handluggage on flights.

Measurements are (heigth x width x depth) appr. 40 x 32 x 20cm. 

Zipper  is flexible material, it's shape will adjust to what's inside the bag. 

Maxi-Bag is also tested with 5kg weigth.  

Zippers have also been tested for endurance by manufacture. Use your own jugdement with very heavy loads.

On the bottom bags have doublelayer of leatherette. To keep it clean it is enough just to wipe it with moist cloth. When necessary you can handwash bags with water. Machinewash is not recommented for leatherette.

Inside Maxi-Bag is two pockets (closed with zipper).  If you think it's not enough, you can order additional extra pockets for 3,50€/pocket.

Pocket on the outside of the bag is available for 5,50€ additional cost.

Durable shoulderstrap is adjustable between appr. 70-132cm.

All zippers have different characters, so every bag is unique. Some zippers make bags wider towards the top which affects the final size of the bag.

Selection of colours  varies depending on the colours in stock. 

In "Delicacy" you can find last pieces of products made of colours that have been sold out. 

Zip-Ilo® - products are all made of one zipper and you can open them all the way to the bottom. Accidently they won't open, there's a lock in the puller to make sure of it. Lock "bites" down to zippers teeth and is released by lifting it up away from the zipper.

Care Instructions

Bags can be handwashed with water. Leatherette can be cleaned with moist cloth.