Evening Bag
Evening Bag Evening Bag Evening Bag Evening Bag Evening Bag Evening Bag

Evening Bag

43,80 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Zip-Ilo® Evening Bag brings luxury to the important moments of your life.

Zip-Ilo® - Evening Bag is a perfect choise for celebration, festivities and parties. Style and luxury for important moments in your life. This bag holds your phone, purse, hankies and make-up you wish to have with you all the time.

Evening Bag's measurements are (height, lenght) appr. 12 x 22 cm.

Evening Bag has a beautiful chain as a shoulderstrap. It's lenght can be addjusted as you wish or you can remove it and carry the bag in your hand. Extra lenght will decorate the bag beautifully..

Instead of the chain you can choose a black shoulderstrap when placing your order. It can also be removed or addjusted between appr. 57-114 cm.

Inside the bag is one pocket (closed with zipper).  If you think it's not enough, you can order additional extra pockets for 3,50€/pocket.

All zippers have different characters, so every bag is unique. Some zippers make bags wider towards the top which affects the final size of the bag.

 Selection  of colours  varies depending on the colours in stock. 

In "Delicacy" you can find last pieces of products made of colours that have been sold out. 

Zip-Ilo® - products are all made of one zipper and you can open them all the way to the bottom. Accidently they won't open, there's a lock in the puller to make sure of it. Lock "bites" down to zippers teeth and is released by lifting it up away from the zipper.

Zip-Ilo® Evening Bag can be machinewashed, remove the chain before wash.