Earring, Lilac and Pink

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Zip-Ilo® Earrings are elegant and very lightweight.

Zip-Ilo® Earrings are so cool and easy to wear. They are so light you barely notice the weight at all. Yet they look so chic and make you feel so elegant you'll want to wear them everyday.

Material is the same zipper as is used in Zip-Ilo® Bags and Pouches. All ends of zipper that are too short for zipperbags or pouches are used in this jewelry.

Earhooks are surgeon steel, combination of iron (87,3%) and chrome (12,3%).  They don't contain any nickel, which is a common cause for allergies.

Zip-Ilo® Zipper-Earrings measurements are (the zipper-part) heigth appr. 5cm and width appr. 3,5cm.