Beauty Bag

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Beauty Bag for your cosmetic care products

Zip-Ilo® - Beauty Bag to store your cosmetics and easily carry them around when travelling.

Beauty Bag can also be a personal handbag.

Beauty Bag is shaped as triangle, zipper is very flexible material and will adjust it's shape with things inside it.

Beauty Bags measurements are (width x heigth x depth) appr. 18x25x15cm.

Zip-Ilo®  Bags are made of one zipper, if you like, you can unzip them all the way to the bottom. Accidently they won't open any more than you like, there's an automatic lock in the puller, which bites down to zipper's teeth and can be released by pulling it up away from the zipper.

Beauty Bag has one pocket (closed with zipper) inside. 

If you feel like one pocket isn't enough, you can order extra pockets for your bag for additional 3,50€ fee / pocket.

All zippers have different character, which makes all products unique and given measurements are only directional. Some zippers spread more than others, this makes bags wider on the top and affects bags size.  

These qualities are a part of Zip-Ilo's nature which gives each product it's unique character. 

Selection of colours  varies depending on the colours in stock. 

In "Delicacy" you can find last pieces of products made of colours that have been sold out. 

Endurance of all bags is tested with 5 kilos

Zippers have also been tested by manufacture. Use your own jugdement with very heavy loads.

Care instructions: Beauty Bag can be machinewashed, please close the zipper before wash. 

To help keep your products clean you can spray them with protective compound meant for leather and shoes.

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