Baglet for knitting needles

16,80 €
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This baglet is made for your knitting needles

Zip-Ilo® Baglet For Knittingneedles is entirely made of zipper, so you can open it up as much you like. It's easy to get short needles from it too.

Shorter one is appr. 25cm long and bigger one appr. 40cm.

Zip-Ilo® - Baglets are made of one zipper, if you like, you can unzip them all the way to the bottom. 

Accidently they won't open any more than you like, there's an automatic lock in the puller, which bites down to zipper's teeth and can be released by pulling it up away from the zipper.

All baglets have a hanging loop so they can be hung for example in your yarn-basket or on the wall. 

All zippers have different character, which makes all products unique and given measurements are only directional. Some zippers spread more than others, this makes bags wider on the top and affects baglets size.  

These qualities are a part of Zip-Ilo's nature which gives each product it's unique character. 

Selection of colours  varies depending on the colours in stock. 

In "Delicacy" you can find last pieces of products made of colours that have been sold out. 

Care instructions:

Zip-Ilo® Baglets are made of zipper, they can be machinewashed. Remember to close the zipper before wash.